Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cool City Class

I am currently taking "Difficult people, difficult situations" with Enid Berman and I highly recommend it. Enid is a very good speaker/teacher and the class is really helpful. Last class we learned about different ways people deal with conflict and common work place conflict. Here are some common work place conflicts...
  • Overlapping responsibilities

  • competition

  • workflow & dependence on others

  • differing work habits

  • poorly enforced or counterproductive policies

  • resistance to change
How many of these have you experienced in your workplace? If you have a chance this class is really worth the time.

So having nothing to do with anything here is a really cool picture. Try to find the movie titles.

Here are some answers.

  1. Beetle Juice
  2. Broken Arrow
  3. Ghost
  4. The Fly
Have fun
-Rae :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

first post

So far this program has been fairly painless. The 7 1/2 habits thing was pretty interesting. The End